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Re: R2B7 - Blade

: Heya WS,

: Lil correction, on the first game I got 2nd most dmg with 226, Akira and TFS
: tied for first with 239. Croaker had 144.

: With the 2 dmg points from that first game MV wins the bracket with 29 total
: points.

: In the 3rd game, Koth float, I lagged out with 2:55 showing, the eventual
: winner had 2:53. Yeah the hill was mine first 3 minutes. In koth its easy
: to see where a team/player that lags out would place - in this case FIRST
: ! Comeon be a champ :) Award points to me.....

From the rules page;
"If there is a 4-way tie for first and you are below them, you receive 5th place points, NOT 2nd place points. Damage points should tie much more rarely, but if it happens the same principle applies."

So if there was a two way tie for 1st place in dmg, you get 3rd place, not 2nd place, so ONE point is awarded. Therefore you would have 28 points and tie the bracket, but it really doesn't matter who placed where in the bracket as long as you made top 4.

And the koth game, well it's a little more complicated than just awarding you 1st place points, cause then we would have to bump everyone down in placing I think, but ws might award you some sympathy points.

A few points isn't really gonna effect what bracket you're going to be seeded into however.

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