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Re: Dear WS: I demand 300 points and first place - Blade

: This round, tin can should have first place.

: I say this due to the fact that tin can would have done a hundred times
: better (at least) had not Baron De La Muerte and Dr. Sparkovitz not
: interfered, causing us to lose a game.

: The first thing to happen in the game was that Dr Sparkovitz poisoned the
: Bionic Knights food. As you know, Bionic Knight was one of our best
: players, and her being ill and chundering all over the place really hurts
: our performance.

: The second thing the dastardly duo did to us is tie up the Gg Ghol Gang with
: a Spawn Chopter over our main base... obviously we can't counter a Spawn
: Chopter with anything less than the Gg Ghol Gang, and if De La Muerte
: wasn't up there dropping vietcong on us the whole game, we could have
: easily won (the Gg Ghol Gang would have crushed everyone).

: Finally, Dr. Sparkovitz and De La Muerte rallied together, and rushed our
: forces without mercy. They were only placeholders, wtf?! Anyway, we were
: forced to deploy both the Radioactivist AND Mayor Huge Arms to hold them
: off which, as you well know, left us with only the Alienator to try and
: win the game... and she is only level 12.

: So, in conclusion, the uncalled for rushing and general interferance of the
: placeholding team of Dr. Sparkovitz and Baron De La Muerte caused us to
: lose a game, thus decreasing our score dramatically. I demand that the
: points be replaced as soon as possible, and a written apology be given to
: myself, ao, and stinger immediately.

: P.S. Do not look behind you.

The most I can award you is 50 points because I talked with the GG ghol gang and they were never even playing for you.

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