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Re: do i not garner a response? - Blade

: Plz for the love of god understand that even with 60% left, i still got
: fucked by qwerty and what he had left. Fuck what happened all game, fuck
: the rush etc. Him and his styg at end was a deliberate contest which lost
: me 2 balls, cost me the game, 6 points, and a tie for the overall lead
: after game 2 or 3 or whatever it was. After that it didnt matter, instead
: of being tied, i was way too far out of reach from the top 3. He cost me a
: shot of moving on. How are you going to do nothing about this even though
: you know what happened was wrong. I wouldnt even bring this up if it didnt
: eliminate my team but it did, and the TO's are doing nothing about it -
: nothing. I dont know what you can do but what you are doing isn't calming
: the situation at all.

Because there's nothing we can do, we can't advance you on hypothetical situations. You could have been drizzt or chohan and I still wouldn't have given you hypothetical placements. We did plenty about it when it happened, we were going to have qwerty's team severely punished but they never showed up and thus are eliminated!

How many times do I have to say this, there's nothing we can do, all the other eliminated teams don't deserved to be screwed in priority because of you. You're not even listening to me you're like a goddamn broken record, read my first post where I pretty much had the same response as here.

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