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No - Wight Slayer

You didn't get screwed. You couldn't make your time just like anybody else, and I wasn't able to reschedule you. Would have if I could have.

Qwerty & Joan rushing you was a joke, you beat them down and had 60% left, plus damage points. You were asking for it, too. Next time try NOT cussing out the PH team.

Nem- you were acting flaky that night just like you do on most others. You were sitting on JD's team talking about stupid shit, JD was yelling at me, flat was yelling at me, if only to remove confusion from the room getting you out was the thing to do, and I'd do it again.

I'm working on this week, just like I've worked with you every other week, even though you've generally been a total ass. I made that bracket 10am in the hopes that it was only midnight for you and you could show. Hardly looking for ways to dick you over. Try scheduling one of these things sometime, we'll see how many spare brain cells you have left for spewing bullshit.

-Wighty (mean n nasty)

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