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wtf are you talking about - JD

: Don't pay attention to JD, he uses making in game alliances and hate playing
: as a conventional tactic :P
lets say in a 6 team ffa on gimble lmoth 4 teams are left at the end, 1 has 80% 1 has 60% 1 has 50% and 1 has 15%....the 60% one rushes in to get a tag on the 80% diminishing his team down to nothing but gets a tag and hinders the 80% team to 40%...leaving the elim team with the last contest in first, and the 40% team now is in contest with the 50% team...why would it be fair for the 50% team to walk off, and let the 40% tag to get the lead when they could destroy them, take first and give the elim team 2nd which they faught and deserve to get??? HOW IS THAT ILLOGICAL????????????????

U guys just find ways to cheat...if u give up a contest no matter what on purpose its cheating. flat out.

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