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Re: Dear WS: I demand 300 points and first place - Jeff Williams

: The most I can award you is 50 points because I talked with the GG ghol gang
: and they were never even playing for you.

I'm very unhappy with this decision blade, how can you say that Mayor Huge Arms, Radioactivist, and Bionic Knight are collectively not worth 50 points? And the Gg Ghol Gang wasn't playing with us BECAUSE THEY WERE BUSY WITH THE SPAWN CHOPTER. Christ, its not easy to hop in the good huey and fly up there when vietcong are parachuting down shooting SA-7's at you...

These TO's suck! I can't believe I even entered this tournament, if you would just give us the 300 points we wouldn't have to even have this argument, I cant believe this blatant cheating is going unpunished.

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