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Re: well OKAY - chohan

: Basically their were several teams that exitted this round which were finals
: contenders: wiggas, blood brothers, BUTCH AND SUNDANCE (MB@??!!? :( ), and
: a few more. So this resulted in a more competitive round 5 in that their
: are only 1-2 teams that I can say with certainty will be in the finals,
: and 1-2 teams that I can say with certainty will not be in the finals. For
: instance, I am positive that the four horsemen (barring extensive
: hateplay) and ABW (barring extensive cruiser play) will be in the finals.
: I do not believe however that g-unit or islamic fundamentalists will be in
: the finals, with the way they have been just barely advancing the past two
: rounds.

: Looking at the brackets, these are my official predictions (like nae said,
: TA's mostly say maybe this and maybe that): Bracket 1: Team 147
: The Four Horsemen (they'll have sacrificed 1st place to hateplay drizzt)
: No Limit Soldiers
: Kanan bitches (they'll have been hateplayed by horsemen)
: Islamic Fundamentalists

: Bracket 2: ABW
: Vittu
: Tin Can/2nd Mouse/Cunts could take 3rd place
: G-unit :((

I see driz is trying to switch brackets, he barely survived the first encounter with his second Np team backing him up. Lucky it was QR cause he got kicked out after game 3.

Well see what happens!

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