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Dear WS: I demand 300 points and first place - jeff

This round, tin can should have first place.

I say this due to the fact that tin can would have done a hundred times better (at least) had not Baron De La Muerte and Dr. Sparkovitz not interfered, causing us to lose a game.

The first thing to happen in the game was that Dr Sparkovitz poisoned the Bionic Knights food. As you know, Bionic Knight was one of our best players, and her being ill and chundering all over the place really hurts our performance.

The second thing the dastardly duo did to us is tie up the Gg Ghol Gang with a Spawn Chopter over our main base... obviously we can't counter a Spawn Chopter with anything less than the Gg Ghol Gang, and if De La Muerte wasn't up there dropping vietcong on us the whole game, we could have easily won (the Gg Ghol Gang would have crushed everyone).

Finally, Dr. Sparkovitz and De La Muerte rallied together, and rushed our forces without mercy. They were only placeholders, wtf?! Anyway, we were forced to deploy both the Radioactivist AND Mayor Huge Arms to hold them off which, as you well know, left us with only the Alienator to try and win the game... and she is only level 12.

So, in conclusion, the uncalled for rushing and general interferance of the placeholding team of Dr. Sparkovitz and Baron De La Muerte caused us to lose a game, thus decreasing our score dramatically. I demand that the points be replaced as soon as possible, and a written apology be given to myself, ao, and stinger immediately.

P.S. Do not look behind you.

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