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>:( - grim

So one nice sunny afternoon I look at the Foc2 site. The news page says the brackets are up and I'm all like "hey cool I get to see the chaps I'm playing with!!!". And for my rejoice I see our bracket is played at 4pm cst which is a very, very good time for me and the teams in the bracket look like cool people.

Then few days later I look at the site and see that the time is changed to 3pm cst. I reckon "well darn, I might miss the first game or second, but I can play in the rest at least!!".

Then one day after I see Mr.Xel bitching about the time and hoping to play one hour earlier. I say to him "can we not, please?". He says "eat poo".

Later that day I talk to blade. He says the match is at 3pm cst and that I'll probably just miss one or two games. This brings smile to my face and joy to my heart and much more love for blade.

I leave the server with peace, but only to come back later to face sheer horror hours later.

I come back to the server around 3.45pm cst. I find out I missed our bracket which was supposed to start at 3pm cst. I ask myself "Can they really have played the bracket in 45 minutes?". The answer to that was simple: no.

I find out that the bracket started at 2pm cst as opposed to the original 3-4pm cst. This brings anger to my mind and hatred in my heart. I act out my despair in the halls of the playmyth.net webserver.

Blade, who is feeling my anguish suggest we'd sub in in the 9pm cst bracket. But that time is oh so early (5am) for me, which makes it oh so impossible. This brings back my <3 for blade though.

Alas, we are screwed from the tournament for this.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is: Don't change the bracket times 325252 times if one guy is bitching. You screw over others that way :(

Once again, I thank you with all my heart Xelman.

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