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Re: cheating in R4B2 - Blade

: was a great turny overall, until I noticed it is allowed to hateplay the
: teams u want out of the tournament. It is pretty clear in the last game
: chat that Acheron and the Brills team had together setup the strat for the
: last game. mission: target wigga and let poop be alone. Enigman wanted to
: attack poop and brills at 2 points, but acheron refuse....

: well I guess this is lame bitcching. gg's everyone.

: gj with the tourney ws

I try to remain unbias as a TO (and I really have no beef with BME but they seem to hate me), they did in fact hateplay both your team and miami vice (miami vice in the first 3 games), but then again, they scored 13 damage points and that is part of this tournament, so that part is completely legal. However if their was an alliance between cunts and BME in game 5 or any other game, then they will in fact, be punished.

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