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whoohoo - meatwad

: You tried to make me look stupid by pointing out that your
: "premise" did in fact correlate to the one pointed out in the
: second post, although this very same premise is a total contradiction so I
: guess you totally win this argument whoa, now I have to read your 2nd post
: man I hate you.

now i've annoyed blade in a similar fashion as he's done to me for a year and a half. sweet.

sorry blade.

and, yes, i was holding two dissimilar opinions to be true. go figure. guess i am a moron and/or senile. or someone that can accept the subtlety/contradiction that i eleborated on in the posts you did not read (or reply to anyway.)

i agree with your point that having 2 possible winners makes a better bracket... but i dont think drizzt alone cannot beat bme.

i hate you too, snookems

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