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Re: About Alliances - akira

: I wrote some more in the rules section about this.

: Basically act in accordance only with what the particular game demands for
: you to score as well as you can. Don't take action that is dependent upon
: or caused by friendship with the other player.

: Small in-game alliances and agreements are fine, as long as they're the kind
: of thing that *any* two players, including those who dislike each other,
: would do in that situation.

: All I want is for you to leave your friendships at the door and play your
: best. Any rule I come up with is just a CLUE that will indicate to me that
: you aren't doing that.

: -Wighty

let's say allowing any other team tags on a ball/flag in order to eliminate some of the competition..how does that fare in your rules ?

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