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Re: TAS!!! - Blade

: Blech damn non edit post, well anyway i have beatenyou several times in 1v1's
: blade and cant remember the last time you beat me and i have improved
: greatly since then:(

: I dont have anything to prove agaisnt you anyway... Thuis post is giving me
: an ego ;o

We've never played in any 1v1's.. you don't just get to make things up and expect me not to call you on them. In every team game I've played with you, I've always cored you, I don't think I've ever lost any sort of battle to you at all; beating rotd does not make you good cov, you're still terrible.

Next time I see you on myth we'll 1v1. Probably after my foc2 bracket since thats the only time I'll be on!

p.s. In zephyr's 1v1 tournament, perfect, you got knocked out as soon as that tournament allowed, and I believe I actually won a couple of matches. But I'm sure you weren't "trying" then.

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