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Re: and another thing - privacy - Wight Slayer

Actually I'm very careful about privacy. Your login is NOT a cookie on your computer. There is a random string of characters in your cookie that means something only to my site.

Yeah I have your login, it's displayed on the site. You have my login on your site too. (wtf?)

Also your password is never stored. I send it to pm.net and get the ok, and that's it. I'm the only one who could possibly steal your password. If you don't trust me, please don't log in to my site. :)

Further, I took extra measures to protect people's email addresses. The address you enter when you create a team is never displayed to anyone, even in my mass emails. Because you see, unlike igmo, I know what "blind carbon copy" is for. :(

The forum is a different matter, don't put up your email address if you don't want to.


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