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Playing with myself - Wizdomatic

I had fun playing with myself today, but I do have to say it is a much larger task when you only have 2 hands, and puss is being distributed. Although if you know me, you know that I like my puss up front! Be that as it may, I had fun in my solitudial moments. I got to touch my flag a couple times. Steal some balls and even blow them up. All and all it is much easier for me to fetch some ass at club pimp when Huggy is around, letting me go hands free, but I had this handled all by myself. The moment I screamed fireballs, I got a call from disbatch that where Al Caponeís and Steven Seagals on the loose. Each with equal sidekicks with Trow balls the size of 2 men. That equaling 8 and me equaling 2 (looking down.) I knew I was out matched and had to come up with a plan to survive my certain elimination. As they drew closer It became clear to me that I was in danger for I could see there trousers, with no time to plan my survival skills took over. Starsky wasn't in the drivers seat(where I decided to leave my manhood markings), and I was alone so I had to unleash my nuts, and bestow my wraith upon the world. As soon as I did that I got rushed and I thought I had no escape until I laid back and snuck in where I could, dodged and weaved, stick and moved, raze and dazzle, bing and banged, and thatís what I did fighting my way out of certain elimination. There was no one there to capture the moment with me though and no one really believes me. Although Starsky later told me he just woke up and forgot the time zones, everyone thinks I was busy taking down bottles and watching these amazing women wearing skirts and wielding swords hack down my duff cans.

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