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LOL, NO. - Nemesis

Wighty. Wtf. 3pm CST is not going to happen for a 1000 reasons.
1) its not anywhere near the 7hrs of slots I gave, infact its as far from the slots u can get.
2) Im playing mwc at 5pm CST and team ffas take 2hrs or more and we need to have a game or 2 before then.
3) Its 6am on sunday for me and ill be hungover and ill be lucky to make the mwc even.
4) I only put 7 slots because the rest are during mwc or between 1am and 6am. So I ?ed every time that was even half decent for me, not my fault you only offer half the day that suits you :(
999) There are many brackets inside the slots I gave put me in them you moron !
1000) See, 1000 reasons.

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